Reptiles & Birds


Reptiles and birds can make a beautiful and exotic addition to your life.

Caring for them is however a big undertaking.  The wrong setup or nutrition can lead to completely preventable, yet potentially fatal illnesses for your new pet.

With so much misinformation available, and reptiles and birds being notoriously skilled at hiding illnesses, it is imperative that you have both expert advice and a thorough examination of your pet.  They will often not show that there is anything obviously wrong until they are seriously unwell.

Small birds can find travelling in the car quite stressful so we do not advise routine check-ups for them however larger birds should be seen regularly. It is important however that you monitor your small bird very carefully and contact us at the first sign of any illness.

At Ashley Vet Centre, we believe that good husbandry is the foundation for a healthy life for your pet.  New pet checks and at least annual health checks are the perfect opportunity to ensure that your pet is healthy and your enclosure is appropriate for your pet.  Give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our vets to ensure your new friend has the best, healthiest life possible.

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